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Fanatsy Funk

Posted on: September 26, 2011 2:43 pm
So three weeks in and so far I'm 0-3 in one Pro league. 1-2 in the other and 2-2 in my college league. Oh and I lost my MLB league to my brother after a strong season (Thanks big Tex...whiffer). Probably won't play hockey this year as I have won it five years in a row and its just not fun anymore. Come to think of it the whole idea of fantasy sports is losing its appeal. Why? Alot of back and forth smack talk is fun but its just not there and its gotten a little out of hand. Everyone is so wrapped up in the stats that the point of the game is now lost in a sea of goofy logos and bragging rights. Maybe I'm just looking for a reason to play more golf. At that requires physical exertion. Fantasy sports only requires me to be able to sip my adult beverage of choice while working a mouse. I guess its just not what matters anymore. So out with old and in with whatever comes next. Unless I start winning again...

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