Posted on: September 26, 2011 2:43 pm

Fanatsy Funk

So three weeks in and so far I'm 0-3 in one Pro league. 1-2 in the other and 2-2 in my college league. Oh and I lost my MLB league to my brother after a strong season (Thanks big Tex...whiffer). Probably won't play hockey this year as I have won it five years in a row and its just not fun anymore. Come to think of it the whole idea of fantasy sports is losing its appeal. Why? Alot of back and forth smack talk is fun but its just not there and its gotten a little out of hand. Everyone is so wrapped up in the stats that the point of the game is now lost in a sea of goofy logos and bragging rights. Maybe I'm just looking for a reason to play more golf. At that requires physical exertion. Fantasy sports only requires me to be able to sip my adult beverage of choice while working a mouse. I guess its just not what matters anymore. So out with old and in with whatever comes next. Unless I start winning again...

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 1:35 pm

Tired of being underpaid?

Ok, so another Drew Rosenhaus client wants more money in the middle of an already signed long term deal. No surprise there. I am however less than pleased that it is Lance Briggs. For starters, when you sign a deal you need to see it through. Just beacuse team XYZ over pays another player at the same position does not mean every player of that position needs a raise. Honor your commitment. Yes the owners can just cut you without warning and so on... If that happens it is your agents responsibility to get you a new contract. But it is not the agent's job to get you a new deal when you are already in a contract! Agents have become the reason why labor strife is so prevelent in sports. Owners only want to pay players what they are forced to pay. Otherwise all owners would use the Charlie Finley rule book in all negotioations. Now an agent negotiates a deal with an owner and then decides we need more. After the fact. That is garbage! Agents are parasites. They live off the blood and sweat of others until they bleed them dry and move on. So please Mr. Briggs, honor your deal. Play like a champion and bring a tenth title to the NFL's winniest franchise. And dump Rosenhaus. He will only "be there" for you until the money is gone.
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Posted on: September 2, 2011 6:07 pm

After the last whistle

What happens after the game is over? After the you've hit the showers and left the locker room. When you are out of the spotlight and in your room, What demons gnaw at your soul.? The recent deaths of three NHL players this summer has left many people asking these questions. The loss of Derek Boogard Rick Rypien and Wade Belak brings to light issues that have been mostly ignored for many years.
 In an age where fans (most notably fantasy sports fans) have reduced athletes to little more than pieces on a virtual chess board it is easy to forget that they are human beings. Every major athlete has a player rating for either a video game or fantasy league. Bloggers and web writers and talk show hosts spend countless hours scrutinizing every word and even move athletes make. Have we ever stopped for a moment to put ourselves in their shoes? We so easily right off these often harsh and unrealistic criticisms simply because "their millionaires and its part of the game". I know what despair feels like, we all do. Do these men and women trade in their right for compassion when they sign a contract? No. They are however perceived differently because of their "job". In a time where everyday people are struggling just to keep a roof over our heads, we just don't understand why players complain about this or that. Its all relative. Your perception is sadly your reality. For the athletes this is true as well. They play through pain only to hear the boos when they don't meet our expectations. Million dollar salary or not, negative feedback is still hard to hear. Does this mean I will have less passion for the teams I cheer for? No, not in the least. But I will think about going off on some angry diatribe about a player who failed to score me enough fantasy points to win my match up. Not because I think I am going to save a life, but because its the right thing to do.
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